Apollo 13

From Left to Right: Jim Lovell (CDR)
                            Jack Swigert (CMP)
                            Fred Haise (LMP)

Mission: April 11 - 17, 1970

Odd Part: Mission name: Apollo 13, Lift off time: 1:13 PM (13:13), Entering moons gravity: April 13.

Apollo 13 had a big problem.  An oxygen tank exploded.  Also, they almost ran out of electrical power. 

Here is the original crew

From Left to right: Jim Lovell (CDR)
                           Ken Mattingly (CMP)
                           Fred Haise (LMP)

Backup Crew: John Young (CDR)
                    Jack Swigert (CMP)
                    Charles Duke (LMP)

Two days before the launch, the flight doctor thought that Ken Mattingly had the measles, so he couldn't fly on Apollo 13.  He was replaced with Jack Swigert.  Ken Mattingly flew as CMP on Apollo 16.  He also flew the space shuttle.

Here is the real dialogue that they said.  This is the real thing.